Wellness at Sea

Leading your crews’ wellbeing

Protecting the health of your workforce – and your bottom line

Looking after the wellbeing of your crew has never been more important.

The coronavirus pandemic has imposed huge stress onto the maritime industry and the seafarers who keep it going. Extended contracts have led to seafarers feeling exhausted and worried about their families back home. Many are also anxious about their future job security, or where the next contract will come from.

With human error accounting for 80 per cent of all accidents at sea, fatigue, stress and depression on board don’t just pose a threat to seafarer mental health, but also to the effective running of a ship and the safety of its whole crew.

Shipping companies are investing in good crew welfare now, to show their commitment to their workforce and help their businesses successfully navigate the fallout of the crisis.

Our pioneering Wellness at Sea programme provides the tools to help your crews – and your company – to thrive.

Reflecting our 10 years of experience in wellness training, our Wellness at Sea premium package is a unique programme which complements our award-winning training with professional coaching and support for your crews.

Our all-round approach takes seafarer wellness far beyond a training tick-box, giving your employees the best support available to keep physically and mentally fit for a long and productive career with your company.

The programme combines class and online training, coaching, a dedicated telephone helpline, the Wellness at Sea app and peer-to-peer support and can be tailored to the needs of your company.

Based on Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea programme, this campaign was developed in response to the current COVID-19 crisis and aims to increase awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues, motivate crews and provide practical support to help seafarers through these challenging times.

The most important element of the campaign is to let seafarers know that they are not alone, with the emphasis on where they can seek help if needed. Sailors' Society's Wellness at Sea Awareness Campaign is delivered free of charge and rolled-out over 27 weeks via a variety of materials including podcasts, videos and posters. Seafarers also have the opportunity to make contact with counsellors and port chaplains through dedicated helplines.

Long contracts and busy schedules, alongside the current social distancing restrictions, can mean that classroom-based teaching is not always the most appropriate form of training, so we’re pleased to be able to offer an online version of Sailors' Society's award-winning Wellness at Sea coaching course.

Our Wellness at Sea E-learning aims to equip seafarers with the skills to keep physically and mentally fit for a rewarding career at sea and is available at a cost of $3 per seafarer; companies can purchase a group licence fee for their crews or alternatively seafarers can pay for this themselves when they sign up for e-learning.


Our Wellness at Sea Programme Manager Johan Smith is available to talk about how we can help your company become an industry leader in looking after the wellbeing of your crews. Call him on +27 82 772 1814 or email him on the link below to find out more.

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