With mounting concern over attacks on ships

Can you help us be there when crisis hits?

Seafarers did not sign up to be shot at.But that’s what they are facing today.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those seafarers who lost their lives in this latest attack.

"A thousand seafarers a day still pass through this danger zone. These men and women are in fear for their lives. It is why we launched our Crisis Appeal back In January and why it is still running.

"Our global support team is available 24/7 to offer support to seafarers in crisis whether that is in the Red Sea or anywhere else in the world.”

Sara Baade, CEO, Sailors' Society

Isolation, many months of separation from loved ones, violent storms and fear of piracy are a constant. But now these men and women find themselves targeted by Houthi rebels armed with explosive drones and missiles - all for simply doing their job, bringing us more than 90 per cent of everything we use and own.

Meanwhile, back home, their loved ones wait anxiously for news of their safe passage.

Can you help us be there when they are in crisis?

We know that seafarers work hard, day and night, so they can provide for young children needing food and education or elderly relatives needing shelter and medication and that the last few years have already been tougher than they’ve known before. The pandemic kept seafarers locked down on ships, and as those waters calmed the ongoing war in Ukraine began. Now the Red Sea has become a battle zone too.

Sailors' Society's highly trained Crisis Response Network is here, around the clock, offering support to seafarers and their families involved in any kind of trauma.

With mounting concerns over the rebel group's attacks on ships, we have launched an urgent crisis appeal to ensure everyone who needs our help is answered.

Today, any seafarer nearing the Red Sea will fear those firing on merchant ships that pass through. But diverting around the Horn of Africa past Somalia and the Gulf of Guinea brings its own anxieties - the threat of a tropical cyclone or a piracy attack.

And these men and women, already separated from their families, will find their voyage and the painful wait to see those they love lengthened - missing births, special anniversaries, family emergencies or deaths.

We hear a lot about supply chain issues and the additional costs to companies and consumers - but this is the more hidden human cost.

Your donation could help our crisis responders call the crew on an affected ship. We can prepare them, help them manage anxiety and support them and their loved ones through any longer-lasting effects.

Our 24/7 crisis support is there for all seafarers in need right now, faced with situations they never expected to endure.

Will you be there for them too?

Please help, if you can, and together we will stand by the men and women we all rely on.

With thanks from every seafarer in need.


could help pay our helpline costs for a morning

could help pay for counselling sessions for a seafarer in crisis

could help pay for a seafarer's emergency medical treatment

Today, more than ever, they need your help.

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