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We’re here for seafarers when life gets tough. The global pandemic, resulting crew change crisis and the war in Ukraine have made the challenges seafarers were already facing far worse.

Our Wellness at Sea programme gives seafarers the tools to manage issues like loneliness, money worries, stress and relationship breakdown before they turn into a crisis. Using our unique Circle of Care approach, we support their wellbeing across every area of their lives and careers, giving them the best opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling - and productive - career at sea.

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Our pioneering training and support programme is the most comprehensive and long-running in the maritime industry, combining our 200 years of maritime welfare experience with psychological expertise to empower seafarers at all ranks to look after their own and others’ wellbeing.

The programme is available in different formats, some for individuals and some for organisations that want to better support the wellbeing of their crews and their families, as well as shore-based staff.

Of course, not all problems are preventable, so we’ve tailored our chaplaincy services to ensure we’re there when seafarers need our help, whether it’s on WhatsApp Peer-to-Peer Support Groups, through our global helpline or our Crisis Response Network.

We also offer companies a free introduction to seafarer wellbeing through our Wellness at Sea Awareness Campaign, which is aimed not only at crew but at some of the closest people to seafarers: their families and shore staff, extending support to them and helping them to understand each other better.

We provide you with a variety of Awareness Campaign materials, branded with your company logo, including posters, wellness videos, podcasts and activity goals.


Get in touch with our Wellness at Sea team to find out how we can tailor our programme to suit your company.


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"We have partnered with Wellness at Sea since 2015 and we have seen great progress year on year. We’ve seen our crew motivation go up, we’ve seen our crew retention go up, to very, very high levels and that has had a positive impact on the operational performance of our fleet."

Torsten Holst Pedersen, COO, Seaspan Corporation

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* Compared to seafarers who had not taken part in any wellness training or support programme. Findings from a PHD research project in psychology from Rhodes University in South Africa, investigating the mental health of seafarers.

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