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You can make a significant and valued contribution to our work.

A partnership with Sailors’ Society can bring huge benefits to your organisation and employees.

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Your employees are your company's most valuable assets - an old line, but it's so true. Life as a seafarer can be hugely rewarding and adventurous, but we all know how challenging it can be at times too. It can be lonely, stressful and dangerous. Crews may be looking after millions of pounds worth of goods for you, as well as your ship itself. We can help you look after them.

There are a raft of opportunities to work with us across a range of programmes, aligned to your own corporate social responsibility/ESG goals. We will work with you to find the right opportunity to meet your needs and help profile your brand.

Funding and sponsorship
There are opportunities to fund a range of projects, supporting the welfare and wellbeing needs of seafarers, their families and communities. There are also sponsorship opportunities for events and programmes giving global brand exposure across the maritime industry.

Employee engagement
There are numerous opportunities to engage and empower your employees, including through fundraising activities, matched giving, payroll giving and rounding schemes, participation in events, volunteering etc. Engagement with employees can boost morale and motivate, provide development opportunities and increase skills, help productivity and staff retention.

Charity of choice
Choosing Sailors’ Society as a charity of choice is a way of uniting your employees and can also provide an opportunity to engage with customers and suppliers. We will work in partnership with you to support fundraising activities, offering places on our challenge events, providing resources and communications support, and other ways to make this a successful mutually beneficial partnership.

Customer Engagement
We can help create meaningful customer engagement events with you like gala dinners, events and receptions. Other opportunities include adding a donation at the point of sale for a product/service, giving a percentage of sales, incentivising surveys/feedback with a donation and giving customers the opportunity to donate.

• Demonstrate your CRS/ESG credentials
• Enhance your brand
• Improve employee wellbeing and motivation
• Help build stronger relationships with your key stakeholders
• Create bespoke events
• Provide reports to highlight and recognise the impact from your donations
• Provide content for your website and other comms channels
• Source speakers for events from Sailors' Society

      “We would like to thank you for all the good work you are doing, and have done for more than two centuries, in supporting our seafarers globally. We are deeply concerned by the current devastating scenes witnessed in Ukraine and are very glad to be able to donate to your Ukrainian appeal to help support seafarers affected by this crisis."

      Ståle Hansen, President and CEO, Skuld - Marine Insurer

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