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Our chaplains and ship visitors are here for you.


We’re here to help - call our 24/7 helpline now

Our global network of chaplains offers a helping hand and a listening ear to the seafarers we meet.

We visit 400 ships every week in more than 90 ports around the world, but you can also find us in seafarers’ centres, or contact us by social media or telephone.

We bring free Wi-Fi on board ship so you can speak to your families and friends. We can also take you into town or to the doctor if you need medical attention. We can help you get the things you need – whether it’s warm clothes, medicine or a giant bar of chocolate!

We know how difficult life at sea can be. If you’re missing your loved ones, not sure how to handle a difficult relationship or just want to talk to somebody, our chaplains are here to help.

We are a Christian charity, so our chaplains have Bibles and Christian materials to give away and are always happy to talk about faith or pray with you. It doesn’t matter if you have a different faith or none at all, we are always happy to talk.

Our Wellness at Sea e-learning programme and app put wellbeing in seafarers' hands. The e-learning course is an extension of Sailors' Society's award-winning coaching programme, helping seafarers keep physically and mentally fit for a career at sea for just $3. The app helps seafarers manage their personal wellness, with interactive challenges, keep-fit ideas, recipes and contacts for wellness agencies.

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From relationship problems to health or money worries, we're here to help.

Emergency helpline: +1 938 222 8181
Helpline instant chat:

Are you a seafarer in crisis?
Our Crisis Response Network provides a rapid response trauma care and counselling service for survivors of piracy attacks, natural disasters and crises at sea. You can email our emergency team at [email protected] or call one of our regional contacts:

Africa: Rev J.D. van Schalkwyk - 0027 8330 18022

Asia: Gavin Lim - 0065 9222 4600

Europe: Marc Schippers - 0032495 185691

India: Manoj Joy - 0091 9884 140950

The Philippines: Cathy Paeste - 0063 966 995 4725

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