Dedicated Wellness Support for UK Maritime Pilots

Pilotage is a 24/7 job; it can be a dangerous job and a lonely job.

The UK’s maritime pilots ensure safe transit in and out of ports and waterways during what is a high-risk point of a ship’s passage. But the role can bring with it isolation, poor mental health and even suicidal thoughts.

And, as predominantly middle-aged men, UK maritime pilots are in the group that can find it hardest to reach out for help. Mental health is still considered a taboo and there is a fear that raising these issues could affect job opportunities .

That is why we have joined with the United Kingdom Maritime Pilots’ Association (UKMPA) to provide a first for all UK maritime pilots - access to their own dedicated mental health and wellbeing support.

Building on Sailors’ Society’s acclaimed Wellness at Sea programme, Campaign Safe Haven provides a unique and holistic solution, supporting pilots’ mental health, reducing feelings of isolation and anxiety, building community and reducing accidents.

This unique campaign targets specific support in the areas identified by UKMPA as crucial for maritime pilots’ wellbeing:


The confidential helpline will allow all pilots to talk through specific concerns and worries related to their role in a one-to-one call with trained staff.
Helpline phone number +1 938 222 8181


These WhatsApp groups will allow pilots to connect with each other and provide a space to offer support and guidance as well as build a sense of community reducing the isolation inherent in the role.


These coaching sessions will allow for discussions and training around mental health. Helping to abolish those taboos and provide the resources that allow maritime pilots to take their wellbeing into their own hands.


Pilots are encouraged to sign up for our quarterly seafarer newsletter which will keep them up to date with news and wellness resources.
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"Campaign Safe Haven is there for our maritime professionals to reach out and find mental health and wellbeing support. It has been a much-needed resource for our members. Our immense thanks go to Sailors’ Society, Trinity House and all that support this project.”

UKMPA Chair, Captain Hywel Pugh

Image credit with thanks to UKMPA

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