Reflecting in Lent with Sailors' Society

The Season of Lent - Taking on a New Challenge

The days between Ash Wednesday (2 March 2022) and Easter Sunday (17 April 2022) are known as Lent and mark a time when Christians can reflect, pray and prepare for the observance of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

Many Christians also add a Lenten discipline during this time, such as reading a daily devotional and this year we are offering a selection of special Lent Devotions, from our chaplains and staff around the world.

You can follow them on our social media feeds or view them via our YouTube channel below.

Some use Lent as a time to give up something that would be a challenge for them, everything from alcohol to meat. The act of giving up something for Lent is to practice self-discipline and remember the sacrifices Jesus made.

But, as well as giving up something, you are also encouraged to take on a new challenge during Lent in its place.

Giving to those who would struggle to give up what little they have, could be one of the things you might take on.

If you would like to mark Lent by doing this, and helping fund the work of the Sailors’ Society as they reach out to seafarers of every faith and none, every month, at sea, in port and at home, then you can donate here.

We empower and support seafarers, their families and communities through welfare and wellness programmes, education and the relief of poverty and distress.

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