Wellness Wellness


Sailors’ Society is committed to maintaining and furthering the health and well-being of seafarers.

Beginning with the launch of Wellness at Sea in January 2015, the Society has since provided a number of different health and well-being initiatives, such as a Crisis Response Centre in South Africa, ear and eye testing in India and additional plans to create a psychosocial project in the Philippines.


155 seafarers given ear tests
690 seafarers given eye tests
980 seafarers given wellness at sea training
1,821 Wellness at Sea app users
5,500 Wellness at Sea sessions registered

Wellness at Sea

Sailors' Society supports the world's seafarers at home, in port and at sea

A holistic wellness programme delivered to seafarers to improve their on-board well-being. The programme focusses on social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

The Crisis Response Network

Sailors' Society's Crisis Repsonse Network supports seafarers affected by traumatic incidents such as piracy

A rapid response service to assist traumatised seafarers after piracy attacks and other crisis-at-sea situations. This network of trained port chaplains provides a 24-hour service.

Eye and Ear Testing

Seafarers visiting Kandla port in India are able to receive free ear and eye testing

Funding vital ear and eye testing at Kandla Seafarers' Centre to improve seafarers' health through early identification of eye or ear problems.