Nautical education Nautical education

Nautical education

We provide training for young people, who, without financial help, would be unable to pursue a career at sea. Through doing so, we widen entry into the industry and are investing in the future of global seafaring.

We also fund training through the Propeller Club in the Philippines, which offers a vocational programme in maritime catering. The course trains students to become maritime cooks. We offer full nautical training scholarships at international maritime colleges and universities, which cover four years of full-time study.


7 maritime scholarships funded
25 propeller club graduates

The Propeller Club

There are two cohorts and we fund 50 per cent of the two-year catering training of 25 young people in the Philippines providing opportunities that would otherwise have been impossible and investing in the future of seafaring.

Maritime Scholarships

We provide total funding for a select number of maritime scholarships in the UK, Singapore, Poland and Greece. This helps students who are otherwise unable to pursue a career at sea.