8 Aug


Coming together to face the future of seafarer welfare.

8 Aug, 2023

Sailors' Society CEO and ICMA chair Sara Baade joined with NAMMA (North American Maritime Ministry Association) President Deacon Paul Rosenblum to sign an extension to the partnership agreement between the two maritime welfare associations.

The agreement, which sees the sharing of resources for networking, training and advocacy, was signed during NAMMA's annual conference in Washington, where members are invited to come and talk about their work.

Sara said: "This cements our partnership and support for one another. Both organisations are brilliant in their own right, but when they come together it's even better."

On the conference theme - "Are we ready?" - Sara added: "We were asked if, as a sector, we were ready for the changes that are to come in the industry. Have we evaluated our services? Have we considered the new generation of seafarers and are we set up to support those that depend on us?

"I was delighted, as the first plenary speaker, to be able to say on behalf of Sailors' Society - Yes, we are ready!"

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