Building trust with Ship Connect

It can be hard to reach out for help – especially to a stranger. By the time someone calls a helpline, they can be very distressed, or even suicidal.

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We developed the unique Ship Connect service with this in mind. Instead of waiting for crew to call our helpline, we partner with shipping companies to make regular, proactive contact with their ships.

Our chaplains become friends with the seafarers on board – which helps them identify any welfare issues early on, and means the crews feel more comfortable reaching out to them if they are struggling.

Our Ship Connect teams also seek to build relationships through confidential group and one-to-one chats, sharing advice on how to deal with common mental health problems and keeping the team updated on the latest news from home.

Captain Manoj Gandhi, Seaspan’s Director of Fleet Personnel: “For Seaspan, the health and safety of our seafarers are of utmost priority - and now more than ever, the mental wellbeing of our seafarers is top of mind. Adopting Sailors’ Society’s Ship Connect service was an easy decision.

“The service integrates perfectly with Seaspan’s drive to provide its seafarers with all-encompassing and timely mental health assistance during times of need. Sailors’ Society’s Ship Connect is applauded amongst our seafarers and has made meaningful impacts on their mental wellbeing.”

On board with our wellness awareness campaign

“After completing the session, our seafarers shared they feel able to more effectively take charge of their own well-being. Importantly, they also know it will arm them with the skills to identify colleagues that need help and support.”


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