Why Care

Seafarers make huge sacrifices to bring us the things we rely on every day.

Some people choose a career at sea for the thrill of seeing the world. Others feel they have no choice in order to put bread on the table. Whatever their background, seafarers can all face huge dangers in the course of doing their jobs. Sailors’ Society is here for them when disaster strikes. Here are some of the dramatic stories of the men and women we’ve helped, and the chaplains who work tirelessly to show them they’re not forgotten.


As captain of a merchant ship hired to carry crude oil between Iraq and the UAE, Rajesh Goli hoped for a good salary to support his wife and baby son in Mumbai.

But his hopes were shattered when his owner abandoned their ship off the coast of the UAE, with no fuel, fresh food, water or pay.

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The Tide

Capt Trevor Bailey wasn’t expecting a life-changing epiphany when he signed up for a Sailors’ Society conference about seafarer wellness.

But as he listened to speaker after speaker vividly describe the impact of mental health issues on seafarers, the reality hit him: he needed help.

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