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How did you get to school today? Did you drive, walk or scoot? Did it rain? Did you get caught without a brolly or splashed by puddles? Children in the Philippines have had to swim a massive 2km to school, 80 swimming pool lengths, arriving for class with their clothes and books drenched. At best they were wet and tired. But they risked being swept out to sea and at times couldn’t even attempt the journey. Sailors’ Society, a charity based in Southampton, is providing boats to help these children get to school safe and dry - and doing much more to help children learn.

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Watch the video

Sailors' Society - Our Work

Who knows where the computer, tablet or mobile phone you are reading this on came from? Cars, food, pens, almost everything we own and use comes by sea from other countries. It arrives on massive ships in huge containers.

The people who work on these ships are seafarers and they can spend a year at a time away from their families transporting these containers. These men and women cannot text or call their children because they are out at sea and rarely have access to the internet.

Sailors’ Society helps in all kinds of ways. The charity has chaplains, Christian men and women who are like vicars, who go on board the ships helping seafarers connect to the internet so they can talk to their children.

They also support the children at home, giving grants to help them carry on with their education. In the Philippines three years ago, there was a typhoon that destroyed many buildings and the charity has built people new homes, medical centres and schools.

A £1 donation will help children just like you stay safe and learn at school.

School Connect

How Can Your School Help?

Lots of schools are collecting coins and lining them up. Between us all, we will collect enough to stretch the whole 2km distance that those children had to swim – and that will make a massive difference to a lot of futures.

It’s very simple to join in – and your support will help the children in some of the poorest communities of the would stay in education. Just download the School Connect pack, hold the special assembly (we will try to provide a speaker if you would like one and we’ll even bring a giant map) and ask each child to bring in £1, or whatever they can afford. Once we know you are on board we will send you thank you stickers to give to every child.


In this downloadable pack you will find all you need. There is a letter explaining more about the initiative, assembly notes, posters, a PowerPoint presentation, a child-friendly video about the world’s wettest school run and a flyer you can email or print to give to parents. Simply fill in your details, download and we will be in touch.

Together we can make a huge difference to young children’s lives across the globe – and with twinning opportunities and lesson resources coming, this could be the start of something exciting!

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School Connect

can buy school supplies and uniforms for a child

would provide a week’s worth of computer lessons

can cover school entrance fees for a year for a seafarers’ child

could buy a bike to help a child who lives a long way from school get to class

would buy a school computer

could provide a library boat to give seafarers’ children access to books and reading