Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

It's good to talk, to share, to connect.

It's often helpful to talk to other people who have lots in common with you - that's why we set up our Peer-to-Peer Support Groups.

These WhatsApp groups have proved hugely popular with seafarers globally in touch with other crews around the world, sharing joys and challenges and getting advice and thoughts from others in the same position.

We have many general groups and some bespoke ones for cadets, for those affected by the Ukraine crisis, for women seafarers and for families.


The sense of what is an 'on board community' has certainly changed. The advent of multi-national crews, faster turnaround times, lack of shore leave, access to on board technology and many other factors mean crew are no longer part of a ‘family” when on a vessel and this means they have lost this much-needed support system while they are away at sea.

Our Seafarer Peer-to-Peer Support groups offer a community that gives a real sense of being connected. Being part of a group reduces feelings of isolation and provides a safe place to ask for help and advice.

Members can leave at any time.


Being a maritime cadet brings its own set of worries and concerns. Cadets are naturally concerned about passing their exams, but they also have concerns about meeting family expectations and whether they will get a job when they have done with their studies. Looking ahead they worry about their future mental health - how they will cope with a life at sea, being in a new job and what life will be like when they are separated from family and friends for months on end.

Our cadet Peer-to-Peer Support groups, follow on from our Wellness at Sea Maritime Schools Conferences and offer cadets a chance to chat with fellow students and recent graduates from across the world, sharing concerns and positive reinforcement.


Women seafarers can face a series of gender-related challenges while working in a male-dominated maritime environment, including lower pay, stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, loneliness and occupational injuries. Historically there has been pressure for women to put up with certain inappropriate behaviours and demands and to become 'one of the guys' to fit in, so they are more comfortable having a dedicated space where they can share, talk and ask for advice from other female seafarers.

Our UK and international female-only Peer-to-Peer Support Groups provide the safe space they need and are helping us pave the way in supporting female seafarers and encouraging the next generation into the industry.

Join one of our female-only groups here +

Captain groups

Being in charge can bring its own worries and being the captain doesn’t mean you won’t have wellness concerns. And not just personal ones - as a captain, you also have a crew to care for.

That’s why we are setting up Peer-to-Peer Support Groups just for captains.

It will be a place to connect and chat with those of the same rank, with the same levels of responsibility. A safe, confidential space to talk through current issues that can’t be discussed with other ranks. A forum to share advice and best practice.

If you would like to know more or join a group, then contact us here:


Family groups

While being at sea is tough, staying home on shore can be equally hard for the families left behind. We have special support groups just for seafarer family members. Here families can find mutual support, a place to share their concerns and swap coping mechanisms for those long months of separation.


Bespoke Groups for those affected by the Ukrainian crisis

Every day our chaplains are there for seafarers affected by the fighting in Ukraine - many are thousands of miles from families, powerless to help and distraught.

Now, to help seafarers support one another through this extraordinary time, Sailors' Society has launched three bespoke Peer-to-Peer Support Groups.

Some 14.5 per cent of the world's seafarers are Ukrainian or Russian. And up to one in five officers are Ukrainian, meaning many crews will find themselves serving under officers concerned about their country and loved ones back home.

The Support Groups allow Ukrainian and Russian seafarers to speak to other crews from their own country in their own language, while a third group is made up of seafarers from other nationalities.


Thank you to our funders

"Thank you for the support and yes they are surely encouraging. Lot of things are clear now and will focus on my training more. Thank you for being my side."

Pankaj, a Cadet struggling on first ship

"Thanks for asking about my wellbeing... It feels good that someone is concerned."

Cadet on his first ship

"You are doing really good job."

Indian seafarer

"Thank you for sharing. It’s really gives me hope to know there are still people like you."

A recent graduate struggling to find a contract

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