Our Impact 2020

We see them.

It's been the most challenging of years for seafarers around the globe. While we've been locked down at home with our families, hundreds of thousands of seafarers have been locked down at sea due to COVID restrictions, many miles away from the ones they love - with no idea when they'll be able to get home.

With your support, we've been able to offer helplines and advice to stranded crews, giving them someone to turn to when they’re lonely, anxious or depressed.

We've also provided seafarers and their families with a financial lifeline when they’ve been unable to get to sea and earn money to put food on their tables.

We rely on seafarers. Now, more than ever, seafarers rely on us.

support during a challenging year

More than 1,000 ships signed up to our free Wellness at Sea awareness campaign, a 27-week introduction to seafarer mental health and wellbeing.

12,000 seafarers are receiving proactive mental health support on board ship through our unique Ship Connect programme. Our chaplains regularly contact ships, getting to know the seafarers on board and identifying any welfare issues early on.

37 Sailors’ Society crisis responders are available 24/7 to support seafarers, their families and shipping companies during traumatic incidents such as accidents, piracy and natural disasters.

Sailors’ Society’s school boat brings homework to pupils during school closures in the Philippines.

200 parcels were delivered by our Southampton team in a month to cruise ship crew unable to leave the port.

Chaplain Frans gives a Kiribati seafarer 10GB of data so he can call his family, as he waits for his tickets to return home after 17 months on board.

"He told me he felt scared, alone and far from home but once I started visiting, he felt much safer and comforted."

Chaplain Ailton supported Burmese seafarer Mr Aung throughout a two-week stay hospital in Brazil, acting as interpreter, family liaison and friend.

"Thank you for bringing some normalcy to my life through this difficult period."

Cruise worker Yvonne, writing to Sailors’ Society’s Southampton Centre Manager Simon.

"It’s good to reach out to seafarers, to listen and to let them know we stand with them and their families, particularly through this pandemic."

Praison Alexander, Sailors’ Society chaplain, Deendayal.

our chaplains in numbers:




chaplains and ship visitors



Nine Filipino seafarers were left unable to work after Manila went into lockdown. Desperate and anxious, with funds running low, they contacted us for help and we provided an immediate grant to pay their rent and food costs.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters in the Church of Scotland Guild, our chaplain Becky was able to give lovely hats and neck warmers to the crew of the Lady Christina, keeping them warm in the chilly winter months.

A seafarer was desperate to call home after a family bereavement. He’d gone to a centre to get WiFi but was struggling to get through to his family. After talking and hearing his story, our chaplain gave him 10GB data so that he could call from his ship anytime.


Your generosity is a lifeline for seafarers and their families in need.

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