Seafarers in crisis Seafarers in crisis Seafarers in crisis

Seafarers in crisis

Offer a lifeline to a seafarer and their family

When Mayce's father, Ronel Esclares, was the victim of a pirate attack, the whole family suffered.

Ronel escaped physically unharmed – but the impact on this innocent seafarer and his family has been devastating. Ronel suffers post-traumatic stress and he was forced to stop working. To add to Ronel's worry, his daughter Mayce could no longer attend school because they couldn’t afford the fees.

Sailors’ Society stepped in to offer counselling support to the whole family, and crucially, Mayce’s school fees were paid.

“The pirates gave Dad a phone to call us here at home,” Mayce told us. “We were really worried about what the pirates were doing to him. He’s still traumatised and that’s why he can’t go on board ship again. It’s hard, but that’s it.” She added: “The scholarship built my dreams again because I really wanted to finish school but we didn’t have the money.”