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From mental health services to disaster relief and protection, projects are our way of responding where seafarers need it most.

At any one time, we are preparing to implement a number of life-changing projects around the world. But they can only happen with the support of people like you.

By partnering with us on a project, you will be making a direct, measurable difference to seafarers and their communities.

Whether you’re interested in funding a specific project, or you want to know more about upcoming projects you can support, we’d love to talk. Contact our corporate partnerships team at [email protected]

Wellness at Sea

Wellness at Sea is a coaching programme aimed at improving seafarers’ on board well-being, addressing the issue of poor mental health in an industry with very high rates of depression and suicide.

By supporting this programme, you can empower seafarers to mange their own mental health and combat some of the factors that lead to depression.

Sailors’ Society has been running Wellness at Sea since 2015 and the programme has grown considerably since that date, with a number of large shipping organisations supporting the funding including UK P&I, Euronav and Britannia.

Crisis Response Network

Sailors’ Society’s Crisis Response Network (CRN) provides emergency help for seafarers following piracy attacks, natural disasters and other crises at sea.

Sailors’ Society now has more than 50 specially-trained chaplains around the world who provide 24/7 crisis care, supporting and counselling trauma survivors and their families. The CRN also helps ship owners, shipping companies and crew manning agencies design and implement a response protocol for active crises.

By sponsoring the CRN, you can help prevent crises at sea from devastating the lives of seafarers and their families for years to come.

Emergency welfare fund

Every year, Sailors’ Society is inundated with requests for support from seafarers with diverse and pressing welfare needs. The Emergency Welfare Fund is provided by Sailors’ Society to help those seafarers who are in great need of financial support.

A number of high-profile corporate supporters have donated to the Emergency Welfare Fund, including Lloyd’s Register and UK P&I. By joining them, you make it possible for us to give seafarers and their families a grant when they need it most – whether it’s for vital medical bills or school books for their children.

Chennai mobile medical unit

Working at sea is a major source of employment in India, but once seafarers retire they can become impoverished. Many retired seafarers in the port city of Chennai cannot afford to access basic medical healthcare for themselves and their dependants.

Sailors’ Society launched a Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) in Chennai in 2018. The MMU provides retired and active seafarers and their families with free check ups and basic medical services through a van especially fitted out with medical equipment. Through a partnership with the Volunteer Health Services Hospital (VHS), Sailors’ Society funds a full-time doctor, with additional support from a team of volunteer doctors and nurses. Seafarers also have access to all the services offered at VHS.

The MMU clinics run five days a week, with up to 45 seafarers using the service every day. You can help this vital work continue by sponsoring the MMU’s operating costs.

Southampton Seafarers’ Centre

The port city of Southampton sees more than 600,000 seafarers visiting it each year and is home Sailors’ Society’s headquarters. The Society provides the only Seafarers’ Centre in the heart of Southampton and seeks to make it a home-from-home for seafarers, offering them a welcoming and comfortable space to relax, Wi-Fi to contact their families back home, kitchen facilities, a non-denominational spiritual room and counselling sessions for those in need.

Sailors’ Society aims to develop the centre to meet the needs of more seafarers and enhance the services provided, including expanding the team of volunteers and holding events for the local and seafaring communities.

By supporting the centre, you can invest in the well-being of seafarers coming into the city and tackle isolation within both the working and ex-seafaring communities of Southampton.

Myanmar seafarer resilience project

The port township of Ahlone and neighbouring Dala, with its many shipyards, are densely populated seafaring communities on the Yangon River, Myanmar. People have flocked to the region to find employment in shipping, but many do not have the necessary skills. Overpopulation means the number of people is now considerably greater than the available jobs and has led to many living in poor housing conditions.

Sailors’ Society is providing a two-phased programme of strengthening the overall resilience of the seafaring communities in the region of Yangon by:

  • Making seafarers, government and the general public aware of the need for a decent and safe place to live for everyone and the needs of seafarers.
  • Giving seafarers and their families the opportunity to upgrade their employment-related skills through training.
  • Improving housing conditions for seafarers, their families and community through enhancing four schools and upgrading 12 houses to become disaster proof.

By supporting this project you can make life safer and improve the prospects of at least 500 people in a deprived seafaring community.

Jakarta medical clinic

Indonesia’s busiest port, Tanjung Priok, sits in a deprived area of the capital, Jakarta. Many living in this maritime community only have access to healthcare through a heavily subsidised weekly clinic, run by the Christian Church of Java.

The clinic had to close in 2016 due to government restrictions, leaving seafarers and their families without basic medical services at affordable fees until Sailors’ Society stepped in with funding. This enabled it to reopen, with new medical equipment.

The clinic is now extending its opening hours due to the high level of need, and will also offer community-led activities and workshops around common health ailments to improve the well-being of the local seafarers, their families and the wider seafaring community.

By supporting this project, you can provide this community with continued medical care.

Community outreach projects, Philippines

Seafarers can be away from home for up to a year at a time, which can have a huge impact on the families they leave behind. Families can face a high risk of poverty as a result of strained relationships and poor support systems, especially in the Philippines, where seafaring is a major source of employment.

Sailors’ Society has been providing family and community outreach projects in the Philippines since 2014, including:

  • Seafarers’ Pupil’s Clubs – equipping seafarers’ children in Tacloban and Bantayan Island with important life skills.
  • Seafarers’ Family Association – giving seafarers’ spouses opportunities to improve their education, financial management and income.

By funding these projects, you can give these seafaring families a better future.

Whether you’re interested in funding a specific project, or you want to know more about upcoming projects you can support, we’d love to talk. Contact our corporate partnerships team at [email protected]

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