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The Board of Trustees provides governance and oversight to Christian maritime charity Sailors’ Society. They lend support and advice to the Chief Executive, responsible for executing the mission and vision of the Society. They are also legally responsible for ensuring compliance with the expectations of the Charity Commission.

Our trustees voluntarily contribute their time and come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including business and banking, legal and accountancy. Some bring experience of seafaring and together they offer a diverse range of skills.

The Trustees regularly review and comment on plans and performance, review any major issues bearing on the well-being of the organisation and its endeavours and decide important new strategic directions.

It is the Trustees’ responsibility to formally approve our budget, annual report and accounts and report to the Charity Commission on annual achievements of the charity and delivery of public benefit to the community we set out to serve.

Our Chairman is Alastair Fischbacher and our Vice Chairmen are Michael Drayton and Dr Peter Swift. The remaining trustees are Peter Goldberg, Jonathan Holloway, Colin McMurray, Shyam Sharma JP MSc FCA and Captain Jonathan Stoneley.

A copy of Sailors' Society's annual accounts can be found here.

We are currently looking for three new Trustees to join our dedicated team, click here for more information.