Lagarie Children's Home, Rhu Lagarie Children's Home, Rhu

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Lagarie Children's Home, Rhu

Lagarie Children's Home, Rhu
Lagarie Children's Home, Rhu

The former British Sailors' Society (Scotland) ran a children's home called Lagarie in Rhu, which opened in 1949 to support children from seafaring backgrounds.

Sailors' Society has received allegations that some children at the home suffered harm between 1949 and 1982.

We deeply regret that any child was abused and apologise unreservedly for any abuse that was suffered by children who were in the care of the British Sailors' Society (Scotland) at the time.

Our CEO, Stuart Rivers, was made aware of allegations when he joined Sailors’ Society and in 2014 spoke directly with a number of former residents.

He asked Police Scotland to investigate the allegation and in 2014, along with Sailors' Society trustees, he met with a group of survivors, who were offered confidential support and counselling.

Since then we have cooperated fully with police and with the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

We have written to all former residents we have had any contact with to date apologising for any abuse suffered and encouraging them to make contact with police and the Inquiry if they felt able to do so.

If you lived at Lagarie Children's Home and have been affected in any way, please get in contact with us.

If you would be interested in meeting with Stuart please let us know by clicking on the button below.

Stuart can also be contacted on 07565 903377.