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Merchant Navy Day

Would you take a moment to signal your support for merchant seafarers this Merchant Navy Day?

On Sunday 4 September we planted flags sent in by supporters in a Sea of Remembrance in the sunken gardens at Trinity House in London. The display will remain at the site for the next few days and it's not too late to make a donation. Simply fill in the form below.

By signalling your support you will be acknowledging the debt we owe to the sacrifice that an estimated 45,000 seafarers made to keep the supply lines open during two World Wars. And if you want to know more about the history of the Merchant Navy or even trace one of your ancestors we recommend The National Archives website as a starting point.

Today, we rely on merchant seafarers the world over to guarantee the transport of goods that enrich our lives through international trade. And that’s why, for nearly 200 years, Sailors’ Society has been privileged to support seafarers and their families every day of the week – at home, in port and at sea. A gift to Sailors’ Society can help make sure this long tradition continues at times of peace as well as conflict.

Download a Red Ensign to send your message of support for seafarers