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Thursday, 24 September, 2015

24 September 2015

Signal Your Support on World Maritime Day


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What is World Maritime Day?

World Maritime Day is a dedicated day in the last week of September when the International Maritime Organisation, a UN agency, celebrates the maritime sector. Every year there is a different theme and this year it is “Maritime Education and Training”.

World Maritime Day is taking place on Thursday 24 September.


What is Signal Your Support?

We want you to Signal Your Support for seafarers who work around the clock to provide us with the furniture, food and fuel we use every day.

Sailors’ Society is celebrating World Maritime Day in 2015 with our Signal Your Support event. We are asking companies to get their staff to dress in the colours of their countries’ national ensign flag – so for the UK that’s red white and blue – and to donate to Sailors’ Society’s education projects.

Once you’ve donated why not take a group photo and get it on twitter. Tweet using #signalyoursupport @sailorssociety


How to donate

We are asking £5/US$8 from everyone taking part to transform seafarers’ lives through our education projects.

If you’re a UK resident simply text SIGN15 £5 to 70070

Or click here to donate online


How do I get involved?

It’s so easy to get involved!  Just download a flyer and success checklist below and encourage everyone in your organisation to take part.


Success checklist


Why support seafarers?

The chair you are sitting on, the banana you had for lunch and your favourite pair of jeans will probably have been transported to you, at some point, by seafarers. In fact we entrust seafarers to safely transport our most prized possessions, from food and fuel to fancy cars. Life as a seafarer can be challenging. The long separation from home and isolation caused by cultural differences on ship makes living and working on board tough. Sailors’ Society wants to give back to these men and women whom we rely on. We know that the best was to transform a persons life is through education, and this year we have more education projects than ever before!


What’s an ensign?

An ensign is a maritime flag. Many countries use their national flag; others such as the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan have a different ensign to denote a merchant vessel. Ensigns are usually required to be flown when entering and leaving harbour, when sailing through foreign waters, and when the ship is signalled to do so by a warship.



Sailors’ Society Signal your Support – World Maritime Day flyer